Stories from the Mist

Paranormal Fantasy Romance Novels by T. M. Sulsona

The Sagittary

Tessa Chiron's world is turned upside down when she receives a plain brown package in the mail containing a golden necklace and an old journal. She is called upon to save a race of mythical beings--Centaurs--from becoming extinct. Darien, the Stallion and leader of the Centaurs, enters Tessa's dreams and begins to seduce and entice her to his world. Tessa arrives in a world where the sexual pleasuring of a woman is a part of daily life...and she learns that there is more to what meets the eye in the reason for her being brought through.

The Avalar: Daughter of the Air

The Gods always get what they want....

Keirah Sinclaire is the only child of Laird and Lady Alagoran Sinclaire of the Woodland Isles. She has made it her purpose in life to be the son her father never had--until the day came when she was chosen to be the life-mate of an Avalar Warrior.  Her union to this sensual alpha male opens up a Pandora's box of secrets and hidden lies and forces her to face a dark secret she herself refuses to accept. Only with her acceptance of this gift granted to her by the gods at her birth, will she be able to save both her mate's race and her own--culminating in an all-out war and and ending no one saw coming.

The Colubrii: Awakening

Malandra Trent is a woman trapped in a life that is not her own. The ward of the powerful Joseph Weston, every aspect of her life is monitored and controlled. She longs for a normal life, a normal relationship. She feels there is no way out until an accident at an animal shelter changes everything...and what she gets is far from normal…including what she is. A dark, sensual man enters her life and learns she is so much more than she could have ever suspected. He becomes her teacher, her lover, and her world.