About the Author

T. M. Sulsona is a proud member of the Paranormal Romance Guild.

Stories from the Mist

Paranormal Fantasy Romance Novels by T. M. Sulsona

Living in New Jersey with her husband and family,

T. M. Sulsona published her first novel in 2007 after the urging of friends and family to put her distinct stories to paper.

Her novels deal with alpha-shifters that are outside the usual paranormal box.  You will not find vamps and werewolves here; instead, you will find a variety of mythical and unusual beasties who exude alpha traits and drip with sexual prowess.

"The Colubrii: Awakening" won the 2012 PRG's Reviewer's Choice Award-Honorable Mention, and "The Avalar: Daughter of the Air" was nominated in two categories for 2016 PRG's Reviewer's Choice Award.

Have you been looking for something different?  Look no further.  Go ahead. 

Step into the mist...and be consumed.